Raven’s 10th Birthday!

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Come hang out as we celebrate a decade of The Red Raven! The (vegetarian) grillout, beer drinking, and pavement games start at 5 and the show kicks off at 7 with music! -link to FB event page

This Saturday may not be the exact, to-the-day 10-year anniversary of Fargo’s Red Raven Espresso Parlor, but as far as those involved with the shop are concerned, it’s close enough.

To celebrate a decade in business, the Red Raven will host a party on Saturday, Aug. 22. Kicking off at 5 p.m. and open to all, the event will have a vegetarian grill out, beer drinking, pavement games and entertainment for the whole family in the back patio, including such classics as hopscotch and face-painting.

Live music starts at 7 p.m. with a solid lineup, including Bismarck-band Nora and the Janitors and Fargo bands GALS, Uncle Dad and Suspicion.

Supporting local music, poetry and comedy has always defined the Red Raven, and the week leading up to the bash will be business as usual. Tuesday is comedy night, beginning at 9 p.m. and Friday will feature spoken word performances starting at 8 p.m.

The worker-owned and operated Red Raven was originally the vision of Tim Griffin and Justin Lervik, two coffee shop employees who wanted to create a new shop that did more than sell coffee and pastries. They wanted to provide the F-M area with a “unique, open and accepting establishment,” which would provide high-quality coffee and drinks, but also offer the community healthy alternatives, as well as foster local arts and music.

The Red Raven has evolved since opening in 2005, moving from its initial basement space on Roberts Street to the current location in a renovated old firehouse on Main Avenue.

Joe Curry, who’s been with the Red Raven since nearly the beginning, noted the shop is one of the longest-running all-ages venues in the area, a capacity that has given the space its own niche in the community. That, and a growing family of patrons.

“We were attracting late high school to college-age kids, giving them a space to feel comfortable in,” Curry said of the Red Raven’s beginnings.

“Over the past 10 years, the kids who have been coming in since we first opened have grown up, and they have kids of their own now. Now that next generation is coming in too.”

Cydney Berlinger, a current Red Raven employee, has been coming to the shop since high school. The shop has always been a perfect place for her to meet with friends, as well as perform with her various bands.

“I started coming to the Red Raven when I was 14, 15,” Berlinger said. “All of my friends were coming here because it was the only place we could check out music and be comfortable. It was my dream as a 14-year-old to work here.”

Now that her relationship with the shop has changed to that of an employee, Berlinger has been able to better observe what makes the Red Raven truly unique.

“It’s been a great space for the arts community in Fargo, and no other place has really been able to do the same thing,” Berlinger said. “I feel like here, more than any other coffee shop in town, you see people transfixed in weird conversations, and these will be two strangers sharing ideas. The space invites that sort of conversation.”

With art shows, live music, comedy nights and various other events filling up the calendar, and the continuing operation of the coffee shop and collective, it seems the Red Raven gets pulled in a lot of different directions. But that was the initial vision.

“I’m so happy that a place like this exists, where people of all backgrounds, faiths and orientations can come and feel safe and comfortable,” Curry said.“We just want to continue helping build a healthier community.”

And who wouldn’t want that? Here’s to another 10 years, Red Raven.


Red Raven 10th Anniversary Party

Sat, Aug. 22, 5 to 11 p.m.; music starts at 7 p.m.

916 Main Ave, Fargo


Pulled from HPR1.com
High Plains Reader story on our 10th

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Espresso Yourself

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Roses Are Red

Violets Are Blue

Just One Mic

Your Voice Breaks Through

Our monthly event Outlet: Spoken Word Poetry was featured in a Forum article highlighting this unique event and how important all age venues are. Included with a 5 minute video is an interview with Hannah and Jackie who are the hosts of the event.  Enjoy!

That’s So Raven

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If you have ever been into The Red Raven then you have met The Espresso Beast who calls our shop home.  He is a pretty big deal.  The talented Chance Cole and his team have taken notice and made a documentary highlighting his life as well as the details of the shop he resides in.  Enjoy!

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Monthly Madness!

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Every month we have recurring events that help lift up the community to build a solid experience upon.

Every Tuesday is Open Mic Comedy Night, 9p-11p.

First Thursday of the month is Outlet: Spoken Word Open Mic, 7p-9p.

First Saturday of the month is Makers Market, 5p-9p.

Second Thursday of the month is Old Time Jam, 7p-9p.

Fourth Thursday of the month is Celtic Jam, 7p-9p.

Check our website or Facebook for more info on all our events.  Every event listed above is free as well as all ages.

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There is Plenty to Explore

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Recently NPR gave us a quick mention in one of their articles titled 5 Things To Do in Fargo-Moorhead.  They go on to say, “For coffee, the Red Raven Espresso Parlor is a favorite with artists and writers (complete with a small library of socially conscious books).”  They also tipped their hats to the FM Community Bicycle Workshop saying, “If you have more than just a day or two and want to get around in style, volunteer at the Fargo-Moorhead Community Bicycle Workshop. Put in a little bit of time helping others fix their bike, and you’ll be given assistance in building your own.” Gotta love a little surprise press.

Spreading The Love

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We were recently featured in a blog called Finding My Inner Chef.  A woman by the name of Suzanne and her husband Pete stopped by over the 4th of July weekend.  platedShe was impressed enough by our sloppy duck sandwich that she wrote a blurb about us and tried her hand a recreating the dish at home.  So thankful for folks spreading the love around, one dish at a time :)

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Fargo’s Downtown Oasis

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Our courtyard is one of the best outdoor places to go for some peace and quiet. It is a labor of love by one of our green thumbed worker/owners and we hope your able to come enjoy it before summer comes to an end. It features plenty of seating, a water fountain, wind chime, a bird feeder, as well as 40+ plants basking in the sun/shade. Now get out there and enjoy the summer while its still here!

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Songwriters Night Dominates First Friday

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Sign up 6p, show 7p-9p

Free & All Ages

Be Original

Looking for an intimate chill place to play where you wont be bothered by the loud bar scene?  Happen to be under 21 and thirst for an audience to show off your sweet guitar riffs?  The Red Raven is here to help!  Every first friday of the month we will have the familiar “open mic” set up for a show but with the restriction of only allowing original music.

It is sad to say but we are the only all ages music venue in the F/M area that caters to the alternative music scene.  The New Direction is also another great all ages venue here in town but they tend to cater towards more of a hardcore/rock scene.  So if thats what you dig please check them out here: The New Direction.

The event itself goes from 7p-9p with sign up starting at 6pm. You can like our page and keep up to date on new events as well as event photos uploaded after each show.  May the winds carry you down our path: Songwriters Night at The Red Raven.

<3 forever-n-ever,


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Peculiar Occurrences Through June 14th.

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The Raven is happy to have such talented customers and friends. Emily  Swedberg is one of those multifaceted folks that we are happy to make sloppy duck sandwiches & iced tea for.

If you haven’t been in lately, stop in to see Ms. Swedberg’s exhibit. Priced afford-ably, you could be the proud owner of one of her original artworks, and help pad her pockets for an upcoming trip to Florence.

This Emily’s  first solo art show featuring a variety of works displayed, such as mythological watercolors, surreal oils, and digital portraits.

Learn more at Emily’s artist page: www.facebook.com/itoinez

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