CAFFE LATTE : Red Raven Espresso Parlor by Shane Reetz

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If you’ve got a weakness for a rich cup o’joe, this one will make you thirsty.

Video with Shane’s own handmade graphics to follow the craft that goes into a latte.

Music by Cameron Seibold

Sketchbook scans from CAFFE LATTE


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Peculiar Occurrences Through June 14th.

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The Raven is happy to have such talented customers and friends. Emily  Swedberg is one of those multifaceted folks that we are happy to make sloppy duck sandwiches & iced tea for.

If you haven’t been in lately, stop in to see Ms. Swedberg’s exhibit. Priced afford-ably, you could be the proud owner of one of her original artworks, and help pad her pockets for an upcoming trip to Florence.

This Emily’s  first solo art show featuring a variety of works displayed, such as mythological watercolors, surreal oils, and digital portraits.

Learn more at Emily’s artist page:

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Friends of the Raven: FM Community Bicycle Workshop

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The Raven loves cyclists, and we adore the DIY efforts that the FM Community Bicycle Workshop. We are excited to be a drop point for artists and makers donations to their annual fundraising event ‘Art in Action’ We will be previewing the items to be auctioned off on our walls May 2nd-10th.

Dig bikes?
Want to meet fellow cyclists?
Need some new art for your walls?
Want to support pedal power for the people?

Make sure you mark your calendar for this great event, May 11th at Great Northern Bicycle Company (425 Broadway in Fargo) have fun and support a great organization that helps deliver empowerment, transportation, and skill share to the people!

more at:

Espresso Beast

by rrep

This monster came by  and asked for 78 shots of espresso….

are caffeine-fiends, espresso beasts in fact. but we suggested to start the morning off with a cuban shot. Espresso beasts take energy from formal caffeine sources, but also  gain energy with human interaction. We had a rousing conversation, though we weren’t quite sure what set of eyes to focus. Naturally our conversation included mention of the unseasonably nice weather, so we put his beastly muscles to work moving our tables and chairs out from storage and out into the sunny courtyard. Espresso Beast was not camera shy!

The Maker’s Market Empowers Local Artists

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The Maker’s Market Empowers Local Artists

By Adam Hansen

Contributing Writer at HPR

On the first Saturday of every month the Makers Market takes the stage at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor, a local shop found at 916 Main Ave. in Fargo. One part craft fair, one part live event, the Makers Market features entertainment such as live music, film screenings and poetry. At the same time there is a craft fair with a wide range of goods from handmade jewelry and prints to local jams and jellies. It places a large emphasis on creativity and self-expression, allowing performers and artists of any talent level to take the stage and do what they love.

Now more than ever it’s hard to find quality, hand-made goods on a regular basis. Thus, the Makers Market was born. Originally “FM’s 15 Minutes of Fame,” the Makers Market has evolved into more of an open forum. It provides local artists with an opportunity to sell their wares or share their talents. Often, it gives them a chance to make sales that would not otherwise be available.

“It’s really nice that they don’t take a commission, which is kind of unusual,” said local artist Elise Forer. “It’s definitely the easiest way to sell your stuff in the area. Other places have wait lists or contracts. Plus there’s been a decent attendance every time I’ve been there. It’s also a really laid back, unpretentious environment that gives people a better chance to interact with the artists.”

While providing exposure to local artists, filmmakers and musicians, it also promotes a more responsible version of consumerism. Brian Washburn, one of the founders of the event, is very passionate about this aspect of the program.

“What people don’t realize is that they have a huge amount of power in where they spend their money. By supporting Ma and Pa shops, their money goes further and it supports people that are doing what they love.”

He went on to describe the emphasis that people place on convenience or price compared to quality of both the product and the environment in which it was produced.

To get more involved or seek more information, find the Makers Market on Facebook or visit the event on the first Saturday of each month at the Red Raven.

Questions and comments: 


WHAT: Maker’s Markets
WHERE: The Red Raven
WHEN: Sat., Mar. 3rd, 5-10 p.m.

Erotic Art Show: Call to Artists!

by rrep

Come see the bits and pieces of Erotic Art! So put aside your inhibitions and join us for a night of art, fashion, and burlesque.

Artist’s interested in entering work in the Erotic Art Show can find details here: EAS submission form

Free Reception at 6-8pm

Dr. Sketchy’s featuring Charlie Valentine 6-7:30pm ($5)

Variety Show from 8-10:30pm
Tickets: $10 in advance $12 day of event

Advance ticket sales start at Orange Records and Red Raven Espresso Parlor

Alcohol catered by Sidestreet


Paloma has that look again.

by rrep

Image from the Fourm

This is Paloma, she is a foxy cougar.

She likes long walks and pickles.
Here is a quote to back up 50% of that statement,

“I used to assume that Kosher Dills were the creme de la creme of the pickle world, but it turns out that the best pickle by far was made in England.”

Come see this hot lady and 18 ugly ones every Tuesday night starting at 9pm-ish

Want to learn where this photo came from or more about this “Irish Jew with a Spanish name”? Here you go.


Makers Market

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Makers Market got some love in the HPR

Another great downtown alternative to consumer chaos, the Red Raven in Fargo hosts Maker’s Markets once monthly, typically the first weekend of the month. “The whole concept is that there are many creative people in our area, but places for the vendors to sell their crafts are expensive, so making a living is difficult” says Brian Washburn of Red Raven. From handsewn goods, recycled materials winter hats and mittens, woodworking, paintings, photography, and dishwares, to Eureka Farms locally made jams and wines, “You can find the most unique one-of- kind items that people really appreciate, instead of the mass production alternative” says Washburn. In an environment of creativity that rivals large cities, “There is also live poetry and short stories for writers, and we also have a projector and screen for local film makers” adds Washburn.    -By Melissa Kossick HPR link

Red Raven Birthday Benefit This Saturday

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It has been officially one whole year since The Red Raven has taken roost in the old station house.  This Saturday the 10th we will be celebrating by throwing a benefit event!  Starting at noon The Makers Market welcomes the local craft community to set up a tables for a $5 donation fee; there is no cost to attend.  7pm includes musical performances by singer songwriters such as Shape then Shift, Morgan Ranstrom, and Joci Matcha, with a $5 suggested donation.  All donations go directly towards items needed for the shop!  Like a new doorknob :)  So come join in the fun!  Cross off some items from your Holiday list and stick around for local music all benefiting The Raven!

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

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The Red Raven workers will be getting a little R&R this weekend.

We will be open Thanksgiving Thursday (Nov 24th) from 5pm-11pm and Friday (Nov. 25th) from 5pm-11pm.

Have a safe and happy weekend, and join us when you’re sick of turkey or need a break from family :)