Paloma has that look again.

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Image from the Fourm

This is Paloma, she is a foxy cougar.

She likes long walks and pickles.
Here is a quote to back up 50% of that statement,

“I used to assume that Kosher Dills were the creme de la creme of the pickle world, but it turns out that the best pickle by far was made in England.”

Come see this hot lady and 18 ugly ones every Tuesday night starting at 9pm-ish

Want to learn where this photo came from or more about this “Irish Jew with a Spanish name”? Here you go.


Makers Market

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Makers Market got some love in the HPR

Another great downtown alternative to consumer chaos, the Red Raven in Fargo hosts Maker’s Markets once monthly, typically the first weekend of the month. “The whole concept is that there are many creative people in our area, but places for the vendors to sell their crafts are expensive, so making a living is difficult” says Brian Washburn of Red Raven. From handsewn goods, recycled materials winter hats and mittens, woodworking, paintings, photography, and dishwares, to Eureka Farms locally made jams and wines, “You can find the most unique one-of- kind items that people really appreciate, instead of the mass production alternative” says Washburn. In an environment of creativity that rivals large cities, “There is also live poetry and short stories for writers, and we also have a projector and screen for local film makers” adds Washburn.    -By Melissa Kossick HPR link

Red Raven Birthday Benefit This Saturday

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It has been officially one whole year since The Red Raven has taken roost in the old station house.  This Saturday the 10th we will be celebrating by throwing a benefit event!  Starting at noon The Makers Market welcomes the local craft community to set up a tables for a $5 donation fee; there is no cost to attend.  7pm includes musical performances by singer songwriters such as Shape then Shift, Morgan Ranstrom, and Joci Matcha, with a $5 suggested donation.  All donations go directly towards items needed for the shop!  Like a new doorknob :)  So come join in the fun!  Cross off some items from your Holiday list and stick around for local music all benefiting The Raven!

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

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The Red Raven workers will be getting a little R&R this weekend.

We will be open Thanksgiving Thursday (Nov 24th) from 5pm-11pm and Friday (Nov. 25th) from 5pm-11pm.

Have a safe and happy weekend, and join us when you’re sick of turkey or need a break from family :)

Moblie Garden by “little gardens everywhere”

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what’s a mobile garden and why?

what a mobile garden IS is simply a garden in a non-fixed place. so, it’s a container garden that can go for rides, trips, visit people, check out the city. the ‘disco’ part comes from buffalo bird woman: “we cared for our corn in those days as we would care for a child; for we indian people loved our gardens, just as a mother loves her children; and we thought that our growing corn liked to hear us sing, just as children like to hear their mother sing to them” (buffalo bird woman’s garden, 27).

why? first, just because i thought it was funny. however, after finding two gardens in two unused fields mowed in the same day, it seemed a little more timely. so hey here’s another public garden.

my idea is that people will take it for walks and maybe sing and dance with it. when i find the speakers i wanted to use, you should be able to just hook up your audio device, play a tune, bust some moves. i’d love knowing where all it goes. so far, it’s gone from MSUM to over by the first ave bridge, where it spent the night, and then it went to the red raven.

-little gardens everywhere

We’ve been around for six years!

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We’re excited for a weekend of evening events and other fun; Thursday has Mumford’s, Utopia Park, Dave Bilotta, and Riesage. Friday features HighMay with The Prairie. Saturday’s an 8-bit Blood Barf show! We seal the deal Sunday with a 1-4 free market… so swing down!

The shop’s gone through changes in its six years, and we’ve developed into an employee-owned-and-operated establishment with a range of offerings; espresso, books, sandwiches, honesty…

North Dakota does not exist!

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Google will not recognize North Dakota as a state! “Please correct the following error(s): No such State in this country. Please enter a valid State name.”

Let us know what you think of our site!

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Drop a line through the contact page, because while the new site is up, we’d love to hear what you think about it!  Have an event we should be mentioning?  Let us know!

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Check out the book room!

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In addition to our existence as a coffee shop and an events host, we have thousands of books, and we’re working to add shelves for more!  If you’re looking for a rare used title or simply want something good to read, stop down!