Moblie Garden by “little gardens everywhere”

by rrep
what’s a mobile garden and why?

what a mobile garden IS is simply a garden in a non-fixed place. so, it’s a container garden that can go for rides, trips, visit people, check out the city. the ‘disco’ part comes from buffalo bird woman: “we cared for our corn in those days as we would care for a child; for we indian people loved our gardens, just as a mother loves her children; and we thought that our growing corn liked to hear us sing, just as children like to hear their mother sing to them” (buffalo bird woman’s garden, 27).

why? first, just because i thought it was funny. however, after finding two gardens in two unused fields mowed in the same day, it seemed a little more timely. so hey here’s another public garden.

my idea is that people will take it for walks and maybe sing and dance with it. when i find the speakers i wanted to use, you should be able to just hook up your audio device, play a tune, bust some moves. i’d love knowing where all it goes. so far, it’s gone from MSUM to over by the first ave bridge, where it spent the night, and then it went to the red raven.

-little gardens everywhere

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  1. Lynette

    Love this! The thought of someone singing and dancing with a garden makes me smile!

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