Makers Market

by rrep

Makers Market got some love in the HPR

Another great downtown alternative to consumer chaos, the Red Raven in Fargo hosts Maker’s Markets once monthly, typically the first weekend of the month. “The whole concept is that there are many creative people in our area, but places for the vendors to sell their crafts are expensive, so making a living is difficult” says Brian Washburn of Red Raven. From handsewn goods, recycled materials winter hats and mittens, woodworking, paintings, photography, and dishwares, to Eureka Farms locally made jams and wines, “You can find the most unique one-of- kind items that people really appreciate, instead of the mass production alternative” says Washburn. In an environment of creativity that rivals large cities, “There is also live poetry and short stories for writers, and we also have a projector and screen for local film makers” adds Washburn.    -By Melissa Kossick HPR link

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